Welcome october, fall and magical colors…

I have been MIA for the last ten days, supposedly going on a small trip to visit my parents and kids. The day after i arrived my father was hit by a motorcycle, a terrible accident that left him with bleeding in his brain , a broken arm and the inability to move without help. After a week in the hospital i’m glad to say that the bleeding has stopped, but he still needs a lot of care…I believe that god sent me in the right moment to be next to my parents and help them through this tough time.

When we live far away from our loved ones, we worry more, notice the changes in them, discover all of a sudden that our parents, the people we consider invincible , are actually getting older…

I just hope my dad will one day return to being the sportive, outdoorsy man full of life that he once was…

I love you dad…

Dear readers, don’t give up on me, i will be back soon, xo…

*image, pinterest



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3 responses to “October

  1. some magical dust your way…. everything will be all right… you are there and the angels too… Love…L

  2. Oh NO! I hope your dad gets well soon 😦

  3. Thank you Sareen, you’re very sweet…

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