Monday inspiration

Hello lovely world!I guess Mondays are tough on everyone, going back to work, back to school, after having the weekend to relax and do absolutely nothing huh?, But life is full of surprises, so you never know what might be coming your way! And how was your Halloween party?(if you did party that is)..

Last week was my birthday, yayyy!


Happy birthday to me! Wish i had this cake though…


Pretty….Was supposed to go to New York this weekend for my birthday, but Storm Sandy sort of changed our plans…I hope everyone stays safe and dry…

On to our inspiration this week


A black door always does it for me, and those autumn leaves around the scones are a great idea!


This is not normally my style, but you have to admit the patterns do work together, lovely!


I have had this room in my files for a while, such a sweet and simple girl’s room, love it..


Always had a thing for this chair, the Kilim doesn’t hurt either!


I’m afraid i’m boring you with all these fall pictures, but honestly i can’t get enough of the sheer beauty of the season! I have never seen something more beautiful in my life!


Finally, a fall outfit that caught my eye, leather, leopard, and sweat pants!

Hope you enjoyed this round up, have a great rest of the week,xo…



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  1. Just love the black door idea!

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