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Happy weekend!



This will be happening this week hopefully, did you get yours yet?

Hope everyone will have a great time decorating their tree and their house, and maybe baking some cookies?





Have a lovely weekend, xo…



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Possession 20

Good morning from snowy Montreal! Welcome to another week of possessions.

Do you own a piece of jewelry that means a lot to you, that you always wear? (not talking about wedding bands here), just something that is close to your heart, and would be devastated if you lost?

I have such a piece, a bracelet, with my four kids names in arabic..


I had it made a few years back, and had the blue stones inserted (for the bad eye!). I rarely take it off, i feel like i have them next to me all the time…

What is your most cherished piece of jewelry?

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Do you collect?

I grew up in a home filled with collections; as kids we always knew to get our mom a pill-box because she had a thing for pill boxes. All kinds. Silver, bejeweled, wood,copper, you name it , she has it!

Then it grew to blue and white china, jars, plates, bowls…


Yes, they even went onto the wall! This is her dining room wall. She has another shelf filled with smaller size jars and bowls.

A few years later she began collecting paintings,(my dad always says he feels like living in a museum!).

And let’s not forget the mirrors..


Whenever and wherever she travels, she comes back with something for one of her collections.

Last year , around this time, she was putting up the tree, and it fell on her glass shelves where she has all her blue and white china. You can imagine her distress when one after the other they fell on the floor and broke! But at least we knew what to get her for xmas!

Are you an avid collector? What do you collect?


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Reading nook

Now this picture absolutely made my day..


Kitchen nook/reading nook?

Let’s begin with the architecture of the room, then the windows, stained glass!! Kilim pillows mixed with geometric black and white, the dark shelves with sconces, the antler, a yellow rustic table….aaah simply gorgeous!



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Monday inspiration

Good morning beautiful people!

You know the feeling when you ate too much and can’t find any position that makes you feel less full? Well i have been this way for 3 days! Food, food, and more food was the mantra this weekend! Among them a gazpacho vodka with cauliflower mousse…Yes, great food. And now i need a week to digest all of it!

Ok, back to our inspiration this week, hope you like it


This stone kitchen island…What do you think?


Love how they positioned a big mirror behind the desk and not a small one as one would expect..


Wallpaper and headboard..Great for a guest bedroom or even a boy’s room!


How cute is this shelf?


Just love the color of the cabinets..


Love everything about this room, the wall color, the bedding, the headboard, the blue lamps, the side table, yes everything except that bull !!


And how are you decorations  for xmas going?

Have a lovely week, xo…


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Sunday quote

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November 25, 2012 · 3:01 pm

Happy Friday!

So, let me ask you a question. When do you put up your xmas tree? I usually put it up on the first of December. But with all the street decorations and everything you see around you pointing at the holidays, i feel the spirit already!!

Here are some great ideas for trees in small spaces from here 





Was actually thinking these ideas would look great in kids rooms too! (my daughters room actually!) So come on, let’s get creative this weekend!

Have a good one, xo…

*all images apartmenttherapy

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