Good Morning!


Who doesn’t drink coffee in the morning? Yes, i know some drink tea, but mostly people opt for coffee right? I am a coffee drinker, since i can remember. Can’t talk to anyone before my caffeine shot. Kids know it, husband knows it. No joke about it.

But, things change, or your metabolism changes, or it’s the age (well it is something!), and suddenly here i am, drinking decaff for almost 3 months. Yes you heard right, decaff! The big fat lie of a coffee!

I was getting these weird reactions, swollen lips, palpitations, not being able to breathe, and i couldn’t know from what. I never thought it would be my beloved coffee! I began cutting down on several things, to no avail..Then one morning, i was sitting enjoying my cup of joe (in silence), when my husband interrupted my ritual by saying:

-Why don’t you stop coffee and see if it works?

Oh blasphemy!!! My coffee?! My wake up and open your eyes coffee? Nooooooo…..But sadly yes, and it worked, no more side effects and running to the emergency room not knowing what to say to the doctors!

And this is how my love affair with REAL coffee ended…So sad really *sniff*….Now i have to resort to fake coffee just to keep appearances! Couldn’t swallow tea in the morning, too mmm, can’t find the exact word, anyone?

So the lesson from this story is? Sometimes the things you love most are the bad things for you….Too philosophical this morning hmmm? Well i will leave you to your day then, have a good one, xo



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  1. Mmm, I love my coffee fixes too. Tea is just too tedious!

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