A couple of ideas

Hi there everyone! We are all always looking for budget friendly ideas for our home, a DIY basically. Some of us are talented in that area, others have the ideas but just need someone to actually do it!

Here are two fun ideas i assure you, you can do yourself!


Who doesn’t love scented candles in their home? Tie cinnamon sticks around your candle (choose whatever tie, color that comes to mind), and the heat of the candle will release the scent. Easy, fast result!(a non drip candle would be advisable!)


You have a chest of drawers that needs some primping? Paint the inside sides of the drawers with a popping color, and voila, you can enjoy it every time you open them!

Would love to hear your ideas for easy DIY around the house, have a lovely Wednesday, xo



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  1. Love the cinnamon stick idea! I had seen this with twigs and driftwood, but the cinnamon makes it festive and definitely smells better!

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