Possession 17


I love flowers, i always have some in my home, it comes from living with a mom that has always had flowers everywhere in the house, even in the bathroom!

My husband on the other hand loves small plants, and this is what he came home with the other day, a small collection of succulents! (i never would have thought of getting them!). I love them, they are so easy to take care of and perfect to mix on shelves with books..

Are you flower person or a plant person? Or both?



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4 responses to “Possession 17

  1. Have the exact same ones!! Love them…your husband and i are on the samr wave length!..

  2. Mette

    Love both flowers and plants ! bigtime! I love anything green, flowers, plants, anything alive and green. Succulents are fab! I looove them, they are so peaceful to look at and they look great on shelves and in bathrooms, corridors, ect…so easy to care for, and so many lovely looking variations. Great for christmas too! Your hubby made a smart buy! I have just bought my first bourgonvillas, for my roof garden, well hubby bought them, but on my wish:) Those are fab! Cant wait for them to grow everywhere and all over, and blossom. Those and plumeria…(Fitne)…are my all time fav medditeranean flowers:)…oh sigh I could go on for hours!…enjoy you succulents, Im sure you will feel the need to get more soon…lol šŸ™‚ IKEA has a wide selection..lol šŸ™‚ In easy travel-packages even!

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