Do you collect?

I grew up in a home filled with collections; as kids we always knew to get our mom a pill-box because she had a thing for pill boxes. All kinds. Silver, bejeweled, wood,copper, you name it , she has it!

Then it grew to blue and white china, jars, plates, bowls…


Yes, they even went onto the wall! This is her dining room wall. She has another shelf filled with smaller size jars and bowls.

A few years later she began collecting paintings,(my dad always says he feels like living in a museum!).

And let’s not forget the mirrors..


Whenever and wherever she travels, she comes back with something for one of her collections.

Last year , around this time, she was putting up the tree, and it fell on her glass shelves where she has all her blue and white china. You can imagine her distress when one after the other they fell on the floor and broke! But at least we knew what to get her for xmas!

Are you an avid collector? What do you collect?



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2 responses to “Do you collect?

  1. your mother is an avid collector…what do you collect?

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