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Merry Christmas!



A Merry Christmas to everyone! Busy with family, preparations, cooking…Love this time of year!!

Love and peace to all, xo…..


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Sunday quote


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December 23, 2012 · 9:09 am

Happy Friday!



It’s almost here!

Have you finished your xmas shopping, or still waiting for last minute gifts?

I spent all yesterday morning wrapping gifts of all sizes and shapes!,But i’m done at last yayyy!





What about your sctockings? Filled them up yet?



I love Christmas, don’t you?

Have a lovely pre xmas weekend, hope you enjoy whatever it is that you will be doing!



Don’t you wish you could just do that sometimes and to hell with good manners?!



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Monday inspiration

The post will be short today, because i’m packing! Yes, leaving today to the lovely and hopefully sunny mediterranean (so i will be off tomorrow, lonnnng flight!). My posts will be sort of sporadic, but i’ll check in daily!

I will leave you with an inspired desk that looks gorgeous..



Love how they layered the glass over the old wooden chest!

Have a lovely week, xo…


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Sunday quote


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December 16, 2012 · 4:19 pm




Love candles, and this grouping is so pretty!



I always had a thing for packaging, and these soap wrappings are gorgeous!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, xo…


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Possession 21

I love old pictures, they are memories of a bygone era…The clothes, the hairdo, everything tells about a certain time in life. Specially old photos of your parents; who doesn’t want to know more about the way they lived, how they dressed?

I have such a photo of my parents that i love and cherish; they were so young and beautiful!



Isn’t my mom beautiful? And notice that the fashion didn’t change that much from their time to ours!

Do you have old photos that mean to you? Do you have them framed or tucked in a box?

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