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Possession 23

I stopped painting 3 years ago, not that i was a great painter (ha!), but it was a phase, i had fun though (i sucked at perspective and loved abstract, because anything seems like art!). This is one  that i like, i copied it from a magazine, and i have it in my foyer (well actually it moves around a lot), and everyone that sees it comes up with a different view!



I’m curious,what do you see?


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How do you like your malachite?

I never was a fan of this stone, but lately i have been seeing it all over , from fabric, to tables, wallpaper, jewelry…even sinks!!











My favorites are the boxes and this vintage Rolex watch. What are yours?



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Love,art… and other things in black and white

These photos convince me even more that my love for black and white photography is in the right place!











I hope you enjoy them as much as i do…


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Monday inspiration

Hello beautiful people, hope you had a nice and warm weekend! I never thought i would say this but it’s actually nice now at -7 degrees!! (well, comparing to -32 last week!). 

Here is my inspiration for this week, enjoy!



Who could say no to a striped tub?



Love the leopard ottoman and red piping!



When i saw this picture, my mind was telling me “my parents lighter, my parents lighter!”. When i was a kid they used to have this big Dupont  black and gold lighter, that i used to play with…Wonder where that disappeared. Mom???



A great place to disappear from the world for a while…



Toile De Jouy always makes me think of summer vacation houses…In the south of France. What about you?



Yep, abstract art still is my favorite…What is yours?



Want to glam up your life? Start with a red lipstick!

And that’s it for today, have a lovely week, xo..


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Sunday quote


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January 27, 2013 · 2:16 pm

Happy Friday!

Thought i would share a colorful and happy picture today, to give hope to the people who are living under the snow like me!! Yes spring will come soon enough!



Awesome isn’t it?

Have a great weekend wherever you are! xo…


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Possession 22

I can’t help but love and cherish my possession this week! I can’t live without them in this freezing weather; They are practical, warm, fuzzy, non slip.

Did you guess yet?



My winter boots!

When i first came to Canada, everyone was telling me to get good winter boots, specially non-slippery ones. It was as if they were talking about winter tires (that too was new to me, where i come from we have only one kind of tires!).

I couldn’t help but think how ugly these boots are. And i have seen all there is to see. I went around thinking how could they wear these boots?!

But after spending some winters here, specially this one, i don’t care what they look like as long as they keep my feet warm and dry!!

So yes, definitely a cherished possession!

Have a warm day, xo!

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