Fishtail braid and Youtube

When i was a kid i always had braids, but no fishtail! I didn’t even do fishtails for my own daughters when they were small. I never knew how actually. ask me to do a simple braid, i would it with my eyes closed. Don’t ask more!



During christmas, my second daughter, who is 16, asked me to do a fishtail for her, since it is so fashionable (duh, how didn’t i know that?! didn’t get the memo!), so i told her that i’m so sorry but i don’t know how, and her answer was: but mom, youtube it!!

Oh really? Well i “youtubed it”, and yes we found a tutorial that shows exactly how to do a perfect fishtail braid (it’s so easy, i was surprised!).

The point of all this (if you’re asking yourself), is that you could learn anything on you tube, and i mean anything!! (even open heart surgery!) How did we live before?!



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One response to “Fishtail braid and Youtube

  1. I’ve just recently started wearing fishtail braids and they’re totally addicting! I love how trendy yet chic they can be!

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