Monday inspiration

Helloo and welcome back! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but life can sure be hectic sometimes! We complain when we have nothing to do, and complain again when we are overwhelmed!

Hope your weekend went well. Mine was all about sleeping late (making up for all those crack of dawn alarms!!)..

Here we go for our inspiration this week



Love the vibe of this room, specially the wallpaper in the moulding, how fab is that! And the fig tree of course, and the chaise…



Yes we have seen this kitchen a lot all around the blogosphere, but never got tired from those floors!



Dark walls for a nursery? What do you think? Would you do it?



Love the chair! And notice how low the art can get on the wall…



The chairs, again! That brick window wall (have i mentioned my obsession with brick walls?), the chandelier, the eclectic mix of styles…



And finally, how cool are those garden stairs!!



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One response to “Monday inspiration

  1. i want to sit in that first picture with a cup of tea and a good book!!!!

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