Possession 22

I can’t help but love and cherish my possession this week! I can’t live without them in this freezing weather; They are practical, warm, fuzzy, non slip.

Did you guess yet?



My winter boots!

When i first came to Canada, everyone was telling me to get good winter boots, specially non-slippery ones. It was as if they were talking about winter tires (that too was new to me, where i come from we have only one kind of tires!).

I couldn’t help but think how ugly these boots are. And i have seen all there is to see. I went around thinking how could they wear these boots?!

But after spending some winters here, specially this one, i don’t care what they look like as long as they keep my feet warm and dry!!

So yes, definitely a cherished possession!

Have a warm day, xo!


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