Monday inspiration

Hello beautiful people, hope you had a nice and warm weekend! I never thought i would say this but it’s actually nice now at -7 degrees!! (well, comparing to -32 last week!). 

Here is my inspiration for this week, enjoy!



Who could say no to a striped tub?



Love the leopard ottoman and red piping!



When i saw this picture, my mind was telling me “my parents lighter, my parents lighter!”. When i was a kid they used to have this big Dupont  black and gold lighter, that i used to play with…Wonder where that disappeared. Mom???



A great place to disappear from the world for a while…



Toile De Jouy always makes me think of summer vacation houses…In the south of France. What about you?



Yep, abstract art still is my favorite…What is yours?



Want to glam up your life? Start with a red lipstick!

And that’s it for today, have a lovely week, xo..



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One response to “Monday inspiration

  1. want to hide in picture no. 4!!!! what a gorgeous place!!!

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