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When i was pregnant with my first child (23 years ago), i stenciled all the the walls in the nursery, even stenciled the cupboard doors! I was so happy with my results, i wanted to stencil every surface available! I find that it brings a uniqueness to your home, and the fact that you did it brings self pleasure!

I used a sponge not a brush, and even cut out my own stencils (very impressed by myself!).. Now all my efforts are hidden underneath so many coats of paint…Yes the children grew up and the room evolved with them.

But stencils are not only for walls and cupboard walls; You can stencil on fabric, floors, even tiles!



Stencil on fabric for a %22headboard%22




Have you ever tried your hand at stenciling? And how was the result?



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Monday Inspiration

Hello everyone! Watched the Oscars last night? Were you satisfied with the outcome or wanted others to win?

As for the dresses , should point out that my favorites were Naomi Watts and Charlise Theron, weren’t they gorgeous?

Ok let’s go back to our inspiration, shall we?



Love that campaign sink. And in red no less!



Dark and gorgeous. Those bookshelves…



Another sink cabinet, but chinoiserie this time…Beautiful!



Happy colors for this outside porch…Who isn’t thinking of warmer weather!?



Make a change in your old cabinet, and paint the inside an uncommon color!



Statement necklace. Always a winner. (Absolutely fab isn’t it?)

Have a lovely week, xo…


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Sunday quote


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February 24, 2013 · 3:29 pm

Happy Friday



Two nights ago i watched for the second time “To Rome with love”, and later i watched “Annie Hall”…again!

I don’t know about you, but his movies can be seen over and over again, and you still can enjoy them like it’s the first time…I love your movies Woody!

Hope you have a great weekend, sunny, warm, snowy or freezing! xo…


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Possession 26



This paper clip has been in my family since i can remember! My dad used to put his bills and important papers, and we knew not to touch it. Then it kind of disappeared the last few years, i don’t remember seeing it anywhere, till this christmas, when i went back home.

i immediately asked my mom if they still use it, and now it’s in my home! It brings back memories of childhood and belonging… I love when things bring you back to a happy place, don’t you think?

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Color splash!





Bold strokes of color today, a sure way to lift your spirits! Have a great Wednesday, xo..

PS: don’t forget to check OliveLifestyle¬†, today: one step to a younger you, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for more tips and recipes on mediterranean lifestyle!


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Is yellow your happy color?



Yellow has proven to stimulate the brain. Psychologists say that yellow is a happy color;  It can also be associated with intellectual thinking: discernment, memory, clear thinking, decision-making and good judgment. Also aiding organization, understanding of different points of view. Yellow builds self-confidence and encourages optimism.







This year we painted an old chair that we had a strong yellow. It always makes me smile, because yellow is definitely not my color! I smile at that pop of color that co exists with my dark colors!

What is your happy color?


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