New challenge!

Life has been pretty busy here at Kalynor. For the last few month I have been working on a project that is finally  seeing the light ! is a new website all about the Mediterranean lifestyle which I grew up on; health, recipes, beauty and of course the easy going, no stress lifestyle!

It is a project that is close to my heart because it encompasses everything that I learned throughout my 42 years, and the proven fact that the Mediterranean diet can prevent diseases like strokes and heart attacks to name a few.

Living on the Mediterranean you take it for granted; the healthy food, the slow pace, your health..Until you live somewhere totally different and realize that this is the right way to do it, wherever you are!


Yours truly, on our vespa. I love how it makes me feel young and free!

So come on over for a visit (I know you will not let me down, definitely need your support here!), and a get a free report about the 10 best vegetables for you! Waiting for your comments!


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