Monday inspiration

Yes i know it’s tuesday :), but since yesterday i posted about my new venture OliveLifestyle (and thank you for all the visits, come on, need some feedback here!),  that’s the reason i’m posting my Monday inspirations on tuesday!

Let’s begin


All this gorgeous marble is driving me crazy! Love how the veins show in that beautiful hue…


Oh that deep blue velvet sofa….And check out the rug!!


Those windows…(how do you think they clean them?!)


Green and stripes? Well it works beautifully…Would you put wallpaper in your kitchen?


Another velvet blue sofa (yeah kind of a blue day here!), but check out the chandelier…


Just loved the colors of the flowers, you know i love flowers right? Well this is my virtual thank you for all my beautiful visitors!

Have a great week, and dont forget to visit me at OliveLifestyle  all about mediterranean lifestyle! xo….




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4 responses to “Monday inspiration

  1. Ma

    I actually have blue and white striped wallpaper in the kitchen!! That’s only because it was here when we moved in. I’m going to take it down and put a brick wall. Very inspiring photos.

    • Thank you! So you wouldn’t put wallpaper again in the kitchen?

      • Ma

        I wouldn’t. Wallpaper seems like a cozy accent point. It’s nice for a bedroom, living room or even office. It also depends where in the kitchen. Maybe if it were separated a bit from where all the cooking is done and it’s off to the side in the eating nook, that would be a different story. I’d be afraid of food or liquid splattering on it above a counter. If it got too wet, could it eventually tear? I think the kitchen should be very clean.

  2. You’re absolutely right!!

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