Monday inspiration

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good weekend, mine was spent organizing, working, and cleaning! The weather wasn’t great, i think i need vitamin D supplements, haven’t seen the sun in 2 weeks!!

Today is my eldest son’s birthday, he turned 23!!



Happy Birthday my love! I still can’t believe he is so grown up, or rather i can’t believe i’m the mother of a 23 year old!! What does that make me??? (benefits of getting married young, the only benefit i might add!).

I love dark walls, no secret here, The house i’m living in and the house before had dark grey walls, here are two different bathrooms , with a little dark side…



Love everything about this bathroom, except maybe the frills on the shower curtain, but i could move in right away! Adore the wallpaper…



When storage space is not available, try shelving over the toilet, in a dark color. Add you towels, toiletries, some books, and you’re all set!



As usual contrasts attract me. the mix of styles of this table and chairs works perfectly. Adding more classical chairs would have given the room a totally different vibe.

be mine


A teal chesterfield! Beautiful and daring color for such a piece!



I had a thing for purple long time ago(had purple curtains, yes, purple!)..But these walls, there is something different, this color seems so peaceful, relaxing. Don’t you think?



A beach wedding…Love is everywhere….Have a lovely week, xo




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