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Happy weekend!



Spring has finally sprung, even though we don’t feel it over here!

It’s time to enjoy the outdoors, bask in the sun, and enjoy the weather…Spring is the season of renewal; renew your wardrobe (of course!), re evaluate your goals, feel more excited about love, life, health….

I wonder what they do in the north pole!?

Wishing you all a great weekend, enjoying it with family and friends, xo…

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*image via pinterest

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When is spring coming???



Woke up today to find the whole world wrapped up in a white blanket! Snow and more snow! Keep calm? Don’t know about that!! SPRINGGGGGG where are you??

Maybe those who are living in warmer countries can blow us some warm sunshine our way? Please?

Have a great day!


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Monday inspiration

Hello beautiful world, the temperature rose above zero, yayyy!!! Hope it continues this way..Hope you enjoyed your weekend everyone, and welcome back!

Let’s begin our round up for today



What do you think of these walls? Gorgeous right? Love the mix of mint and charcoal and white borders..



What’s not to like? Specially those stools!



I have two of these old tennis rackets back home…i have to hang them somewhere, or maybe just plop them against the wall…What do you think?



Aaaah those windows…All those colors with a white background is just perfect!



This is where i want to be right now…So lovely…

That’s all for today, have a great week, xo…


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Woman’s Day

Happy Woman’s Day to all! To the fighter, the mom, the daughter, the oppressed, the rebel, the submissive, the writer, the protagonist…To all women . Thank you for giving us our freedom, for still fighting for us, for inspiring us.

Picture 5


Picture 6


Picture 7

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Monday inspiration

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good weekend, mine was spent organizing, working, and cleaning! The weather wasn’t great, i think i need vitamin D supplements, haven’t seen the sun in 2 weeks!!

Today is my eldest son’s birthday, he turned 23!!



Happy Birthday my love! I still can’t believe he is so grown up, or rather i can’t believe i’m the mother of a 23 year old!! What does that make me??? (benefits of getting married young, the only benefit i might add!).

I love dark walls, no secret here, The house i’m living in and the house before had dark grey walls, here are two different bathrooms , with a little dark side…



Love everything about this bathroom, except maybe the frills on the shower curtain, but i could move in right away! Adore the wallpaper…



When storage space is not available, try shelving over the toilet, in a dark color. Add you towels, toiletries, some books, and you’re all set!



As usual contrasts attract me. the mix of styles of this table and chairs works perfectly. Adding more classical chairs would have given the room a totally different vibe.

be mine


A teal chesterfield! Beautiful and daring color for such a piece!



I had a thing for purple long time ago(had purple curtains, yes, purple!)..But these walls, there is something different, this color seems so peaceful, relaxing. Don’t you think?



A beach wedding…Love is everywhere….Have a lovely week, xo



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Happy 1st of March!

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, as usual life gets in the way sometimes….So it’s the first day of spring?!



Maybe for some people, but in this part of the world it still looks like this!



Yep, white, and snowing…Looking forward for some sunshine and green trees (it’s going to take a while…)

Last night i saw an old movie with Kim Basinger (not nine and 1/2 weeks!), forgot how pretty she is!



Whatever happened to her??

Have a lovely, warm, fun weekend! xo…

And PS: don’t forget to check OliveLifestyle¬†for all the hoopla about the mediterranean diet, and don’t forget to subscribe for more tips on health , beauty, and lifestyle!


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Possession 26



This paper clip has been in my family since i can remember! My dad used to put his bills and important papers, and we knew not to touch it. Then it kind of disappeared the last few years, i don’t remember seeing it anywhere, till this christmas, when i went back home.

i immediately asked my mom if they still use it, and now it’s in my home! It brings back memories of childhood and belonging… I love when things bring you back to a happy place, don’t you think?

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