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More black and white crush

My love affair with black and white photography continues…




william neill

*photos via inspirefirst,25.media.tumblr,architechtural-photography. Last photo by William Neill


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abstract-black-and-brandon mike


I came across this abstract black and white photo a couple of days ago, and i’m still staring at it. LOVE!

What do you think?

*photo by Brandon Mike

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Cool idea!

Stairwell photo


Love how this family hanged this black and white picture on the stairwell. Such impact!

Do you have any cool ideas you would like to share?

Hope you got what you expected and more on Valentines! Have a great weekend, xo…


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Love,art… and other things in black and white

These photos convince me even more that my love for black and white photography is in the right place!











I hope you enjoy them as much as i do…


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Take the staircase!





spazio unico


Love those swirling black and white staircases! Beautiful architecture, flooring and carpeting.

Hope you have a nice day! xo..

*all images,spaziounico

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Possession 21

I love old pictures, they are memories of a bygone era…The clothes, the hairdo, everything tells about a certain time in life. Specially old photos of your parents; who doesn’t want to know more about the way they lived, how they dressed?

I have such a photo of my parents that i love and cherish; they were so young and beautiful!



Isn’t my mom beautiful? And notice that the fashion didn’t change that much from their time to ours!

Do you have old photos that mean to you? Do you have them framed or tucked in a box?

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Pink, glitter, and other stuff…

Pink, bejeweled slippers…

Some gold to light up this gloomy day…

Something that drew me…

And finally this amazing picture; the fact that only the bride and groom are in color makes it seem as if time has stopped…Love the idea!

And that’s it for this Friday, hope you spend a great weekend doing what you love most! xo..


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