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Do you collect?

I grew up in a home filled with collections; as kids we always knew to get our mom a pill-box because she had a thing for pill boxes. All kinds. Silver, bejeweled, wood,copper, you name it , she has it!

Then it grew to blue and white china, jars, plates, bowls…


Yes, they even went onto the wall! This is her dining room wall. She has another shelf filled with smaller size jars and bowls.

A few years later she began collecting paintings,(my dad always says he feels like living in a museum!).

And let’s not forget the mirrors..


Whenever and wherever she travels, she comes back with something for one of her collections.

Last year , around this time, she was putting up the tree, and it fell on her glass shelves where she has all her blue and white china. You can imagine her distress when one after the other they fell on the floor and broke! But at least we knew what to get her for xmas!

Are you an avid collector? What do you collect?



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Weekend recap

Hello beautiful sunny monday, hello people! How was your weekend? Spent the weekend at my parents (haven’t done that since xmas!), and had a great time rearranging and decorating with my mom. She has amassed a great deal of things over the years and this is just a peek at her collections..

Her small mirror collection..

And her blue and white collection in the dining room!

Spent time with the kids and as always , they end up teaching me about technology! It’s amazing the speed with which their mind acquires new knowledge whereas ours is always slower !!

Discovered a new place with a friend last night, but sadly could only take one picture!

And that’s the ceiling! The metal chains hold a swing at the bar!! The place is called February 30 and is located in Hamra, Beirut..If you are anywhere in the vicinity go check it out, the stools and chairs are made up from cooler boxes, scooters, garbage bins…Very interesting place!

That’s it for my weekend, happy monday! xo…

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Monday inspiration

Another monday, another round of inspiration! Hope you had a great weekend dears…

Fur lined curtains!!! Subtle glam!!

Love all the brass accents in this room, specially that big round tray!

Awesome ceiling and arch..

Now that’s a pretty fabulous mirror!

My pretty new blue and white mugs (had to play with the photo as you know!!)

Love love this painting…Couldn’t find the source though nor the artist..

Have a lovely week, xo



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