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When i was pregnant with my first child (23 years ago), i stenciled all the the walls in the nursery, even stenciled the cupboard doors! I was so happy with my results, i wanted to stencil every surface available! I find that it brings a uniqueness to your home, and the fact that you did it brings self pleasure!

I used a sponge not a brush, and even cut out my own stencils (very impressed by myself!).. Now all my efforts are hidden underneath so many coats of paint…Yes the children grew up and the room evolved with them.

But stencils are not only for walls and cupboard walls; You can stencil on fabric, floors, even tiles!



Stencil on fabric for a %22headboard%22




Have you ever tried your hand at stenciling? And how was the result?



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A couple of ideas

Hi there everyone! We are all always looking for budget friendly ideas for our home, a DIY basically. Some of us are talented in that area, others have the ideas but just need someone to actually do it!

Here are two fun ideas i assure you, you can do yourself!


Who doesn’t love scented candles in their home? Tie cinnamon sticks around your candle (choose whatever tie, color that comes to mind), and the heat of the candle will release the scent. Easy, fast result!(a non drip candle would be advisable!)


You have a chest of drawers that needs some primping? Paint the inside sides of the drawers with a popping color, and voila, you can enjoy it every time you open them!

Would love to hear your ideas for easy DIY around the house, have a lovely Wednesday, xo


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Monday inspiration

Good morning and hello new week! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was as relaxing as can be, tasted afghani food for the first time, and it was amazing! Walks under the rain, fixing up a bit at home…

We have a nice round up of inspirational pictures today, let’s have a look..


From the new Adore magazine, a great looking bedroom, love the bedlinens, the striped side table, the bed and the colors! All in all a big LOVE…


How about bringing rattan inside the house? Looks pretty good to me…


For rustic lovers and not so classic people, a great new way for a sink!


Why not paint boring cabinets a punchy color and add a slab of marble over it? Unrecognizable…


Well…Where do i begin…Four chandeliers!!! Mirrors, those chairs, that ceiling…..


Shiny backsplash!

And a bit of humor this monday morning


Have a lovely week, xo…


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Remember this mirror?

Look what H&M + IKEA can do!

Two H&M belts and one IKEA clock gives you this amazing piece! A blogger created this genius idea and you can find more ideas here .

Don’t you just love when you find tips that are awesome!


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Crafty stones

I stumbled upon this lovely idea on the blog Inspire Bohemia where you can see many more examples of how you can paint on rocks to suit each taste. I used to do this when i was a kid, we used to collect stones on the beach and draw on them flowers to use them as door stoppers or paper weights. But these ones are so much cooler!! Go on and have a look, maybe you will get inspired for a week end project!

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Orange candles

Since we are on the subject of fire today, let’s check out this pretty DIY

Great for dinner parties, these little orange candles will flicker their magic onto your dinner table, totally adore them!

Check out the “how to” on Honestly..WTF 

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Wall art

I just discovered this great blog, where you can learn how to do this project, and it could be so versatile, you can choose your own writings, lyrics….Check it out here .


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