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Pink, glitter, and other stuff…

Pink, bejeweled slippers…

Some gold to light up this gloomy day…

Something that drew me…

And finally this amazing picture; the fact that only the bride and groom are in color makes it seem as if time has stopped…Love the idea!

And that’s it for this Friday, hope you spend a great weekend doing what you love most! xo..



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Gold accents

In a gold sort of mood today, what with all the gold medals and stuff! Just some pictures that captured my senses..





Have a lovely wednesday,xo…


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Weddings in gold and white

I wonder why i love wedding dresses, it doesn’t matter that i’m already married, it’s just pure pleasure looking at them and discovering new collections! Here is a collage of two of my favorites…

Gold dream…Monique Lhuillier 2013 bridal collection

Pure white…Oscar de la Renta 2013 bridal collection

So who is getting married this summer?


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A touch of gold


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By these two gorgeous side tables! The gold fever is getting to me, wherever i go i see gold..Once i was totally anti anything that had even a hint of gold in it, but now, (blame it¬†on the age maybe ), i go searching for it! Aren’t these beauties just perfect?

My summer has been more than hectic, and i just can’t seem to find time for blogging, which i miss dearly! I’m in the throes of packing, getting ready for the move at the end of the month, while at the same time renovating the bathroom and kitchen in the new place! Pheww, a lot on my plate , i know! Wish me luck guys, i still have a lot of work to do…xo



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Gold..The color of the sun, the color of mythical gods, this luxurious metal is everywhere…On our bodies, in our homes, on our clothes..


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This delicate gold cuff by Kate Zabone on etsy, check her earrings, necklaces…well everything is just very tempting!

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