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Monday inspiration

Hello beautiful world, the temperature rose above zero, yayyy!!! Hope it continues this way..Hope you enjoyed your weekend everyone, and welcome back!

Let’s begin our round up for today



What do you think of these walls? Gorgeous right? Love the mix of mint and charcoal and white borders..



What’s not to like? Specially those stools!



I have two of these old tennis rackets back home…i have to hang them somewhere, or maybe just plop them against the wall…What do you think?



Aaaah those windows…All those colors with a white background is just perfect!



This is where i want to be right now…So lovely…

That’s all for today, have a great week, xo…



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When i was pregnant with my first child (23 years ago), i stenciled all the the walls in the nursery, even stenciled the cupboard doors! I was so happy with my results, i wanted to stencil every surface available! I find that it brings a uniqueness to your home, and the fact that you did it brings self pleasure!

I used a sponge not a brush, and even cut out my own stencils (very impressed by myself!).. Now all my efforts are hidden underneath so many coats of paint…Yes the children grew up and the room evolved with them.

But stencils are not only for walls and cupboard walls; You can stencil on fabric, floors, even tiles!



Stencil on fabric for a %22headboard%22




Have you ever tried your hand at stenciling? And how was the result?


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Possession 19

Hello again to another thursday and another possession post! First of all i want to wish all my american friends a Happy Thanksgiving, hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends, and of course eating yummy food!

When you really think about your possessions, you look around you and look for things that make you happy. Some of these things are my new hangers in the entry


I have three of them and they make me smile every time i see them; elephants because of good luck, red because it’s my husband’s favorite color, and well, i just liked them because of their whimsical shape!

Wishing everyone a great day, xo..


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Gold accents

In a gold sort of mood today, what with all the gold medals and stuff! Just some pictures that captured my senses..





Have a lovely wednesday,xo…


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Monday inspiration

Good morning world! Hope you had a nice week end, mine was pretty relaxing, chilled at best! Expecting my brother this week for a visit, so yayyyy!!

I have a handful of inspirations to share with you, hope you like them..


Those curtains…and notice the feet of the tub!


I have had this picture for while, i just love the mixture of styles in this room..


I have a thing for tufted head boards, and this color is to die for!


Gallery wall done right!


Simple fish tiles, sweet…


Got to love the summer feel in this room, in love with those coral pillows!


And finally, what about these fire extinguishers???

Have a lovely week, xo..

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I read lately that the things we collect in our homes are a reflection of who we are..Why do we collect things? And what kind of things do we keep around us? Is it just to make our home prettier and trendier or is it because we love to surround ourselves with things that have meaning to us? I believe it’s the latter, i believe that a home is the place where you truly are you, where each object is special, and put together they create the atmosphere each person wants to live in. A home is a collection of memories, and those memories are found in the things you collect..That’s why i decided that each week i am going to post a picture of an object in my home, something that has a meaning to me personally, that shows who i am…

These are two paintings i did 3 years ago (i don’t know how to paint, truly!), it was in a stage in my life where i needed to let out something, and originally they are supposed to be my 2 daughters (they look nothing like that!), i was thinking of them when i drew these paintings…I smile every time i pass in front of them, i smile because it always reminds me that i really don’t know how to draw, but i still do love them!

Do you collect things just for the sake of collecting, or does each item in your home suggest a story, a memory?


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This and that..

Being away from home for 3 weeks made me want to reshuffle things in the house and play around creating vignettes here and there..Does this happen to you after a trip? You get all excited about being back, and you want to add a breath of freshness to your abode?

Yes i confess, been playing with my phone, again! Magazines i got at the airport and two snapshots showing some new displays chez moi!

Onto other things, teacher’s day is approaching in this part of the world, it’s in the first week of march (can you believe it, march is around the corner already!?), and we are preparing gorgeous gift baskets for all these amazing teachers out there..Here is a little peek, you can see the rest later this week here  on Carilou gift design’s page.

Bamboo boxes

And tea boxes filled with bling, pocket mirrors, candles, lip gloss….

More to come, will keep you posted, xo

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