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Do you collect?

I grew up in a home filled with collections; as kids we always knew to get our mom a pill-box because she had a thing for pill boxes. All kinds. Silver, bejeweled, wood,copper, you name it , she has it!

Then it grew to blue and white china, jars, plates, bowls…


Yes, they even went onto the wall! This is her dining room wall. She has another shelf filled with smaller size jars and bowls.

A few years later she began collecting paintings,(my dad always says he feels like living in a museum!).

And let’s not forget the mirrors..


Whenever and wherever she travels, she comes back with something for one of her collections.

Last year , around this time, she was putting up the tree, and it fell on her glass shelves where she has all her blue and white china. You can imagine her distress when one after the other they fell on the floor and broke! But at least we knew what to get her for xmas!

Are you an avid collector? What do you collect?



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Reading nook

Now this picture absolutely made my day..


Kitchen nook/reading nook?

Let’s begin with the architecture of the room, then the windows, stained glass!! Kilim pillows mixed with geometric black and white, the dark shelves with sconces, the antler, a yellow rustic table….aaah simply gorgeous!



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Possession 17


I love flowers, i always have some in my home, it comes from living with a mom that has always had flowers everywhere in the house, even in the bathroom!

My husband on the other hand loves small plants, and this is what he came home with the other day, a small collection of succulents! (i never would have thought of getting them!). I love them, they are so easy to take care of and perfect to mix on shelves with books..

Are you flower person or a plant person? Or both?


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Trim studded



These were taken from the home of Carolina Herrera Baez, and i love this idea of studs over the trims, it gives such a finished look to the walls. What do you think?

I just wanted to thank all of you who sent emails wishing my dad a fast recovery…Thank you from the bottom of my heart dears…It’s very slow but, he will get there….Thank you again!


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Yesterday my daughter told me about a new site she discovered, and she was puzzled because it was exactly similar to Pinterest! It is called loveitĀ , and here is a screen shot to show you how similar it is


See what i mean? Has anyone of you heard about it? What do you make of it? I browsed, and searched, and came up with mostly the same pictures and inspirations. I still don’t know exactly how it works, you love it instead of pinning it (duh!), but maybe because i’m used to Pinterest i find it more user friendly.

Here are some pictures i “loved”





So what do you think? Same same or not really?


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Today i’m loving…


Fushia!!! A strong and happy color that makes you happy! Make it a whole wall or add some accents, it sure will lift your mood..




paint your front door…


Or just wear funky rain boots!

Have a lovely day,xo….

*all images,thesassyandclassylife

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Wallpaper envy

Ever since i saw this room, i can’t get the wallpaper out of my mind!

Can you say gorgeous!!! How lucky is this little girl is to have such a mom with soooo much style!!! Love love the whole room. You can see the rest of it and read more about this stylish family on The Glitter GuideĀ .


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