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Possession 20

Good morning from snowy Montreal! Welcome to another week of possessions.

Do you own a piece of jewelry that means a lot to you, that you always wear? (not talking about wedding bands here), just something that is close to your heart, and would be devastated if you lost?

I have such a piece, a bracelet, with my four kids names in arabic..


I had it made a few years back, and had the blue stones inserted (for the bad eye!). I rarely take it off, i feel like i have them next to me all the time…

What is your most cherished piece of jewelry?


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Decked to the T!

What is it about a necklace that can make an outfit? You can wear a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, add a sparkling statement necklace, and there you go, an amazing outfit!

Since the holidays are near, and you didn’t choose yet a gift for yourself (yes, gift yourself!), have a look at these beauties from Elva Fields 







These are just some of my favorites, couldn’t make up my mind! Go, check their website you will ADORE!!!

*all images,elvafields

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Monday inspiration


Good morning friends! This is week 3 without coffee in the morning, and so far so good. I do feel better, but really tea doesn’t do it for me at all! I drink it just to have something warm, but nothing can replace the jolt of caffeine when u just wake up! But…we do have to take care of our health , so tea it is aaarghhh…

Hope you had a great weekend, i spent it going for walks with my brother(which he didn’t really appreciate, not a walking kind!)  spending some quality time with him, and having leisurely meals(and that he appreciated lol!)..

And for our inspirations this week..


Beautiful brass legs on this table…



Love the shape and fabric of these chairs, mixed with the rustic wood table…


A gallery wall division, what a great idea!


Lovely back detail…


A trend that never gets old , multiple thin chains…


What inspired today’s menu for lunch, asparagus quiche and a salad!

Hope you enjoy this roundup, have a lovely week, xo..


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Hanging jewelry

Check out these great ideas to store your jewelry and display them at the same time!

Hanging your necklaces, one by one straight on the wall, is a great way of showing them off and easier for you to choose !

Or you can hang your jewelry inside an open frame for more effect, like treasures!

Or you can hang them on funky and colored hangers ..

I store my necklaces like the picture above, how do you store yours?


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Neon jewelry

Neon jewelry has been seen all around this spring, worn with simple t- shirts, shirts and dresses, it gives a modern zest to your ensemble..

And here are some more examples from Noir Jewelry

You can check the rest of their collection here .


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Pretty bling

Isn’t this necklace something?! Gorgeousness!!! I love me a great statement piece…Check out more from this designer here .

Have a great day (even though it’s all dark and cloudy here..Where did spring go?!)


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Link love..





Recycling bandanas

Fab jewelry

DIY bedside table 

Crazy over chocolate 

Colorful artwork 

Lovely links to enjoy at the end of the week…

Happy thursday everyone!!



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