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Different styles



These two kitchens are so different in style, mood, color and textures… But both are pretty great in my opinion!

Which one is more your style?

*images via pinterest

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What is it about marble that always makes me think about cold rooms?! I remember when i was little, i went with my mom to the cemetery in Italy, to visit my grandparents, and the one thing that stayed in my mind is the marble wall where we placed flowers…Marble, cemetery? And the other thing is that floors in Lebanon are all made out of marble, and since the heating system is crap, the floors are always freezing. Marble, cold? See what i mean?

But then i see pictures of bathrooms and kitchens that are amazing, and i wonder why i can’t relate!

Some bathrooms..

And some kitchens…

So what do you think? Too cold? Or would you go for marble?



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Monday inspiration

Like the colors, love the sparkle!

I find this a genius idea for the ones who don’t have a window above the sink (at least you see yourself not the wall!!)

Perfect for a guest bedroom (might just steal this idea…)

I want that…and the floor!

Pretty pretty easter eggs..



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Loving these gorgeous tiles. The colors and details of the design are reminiscent of old tiles..Combined with those faucets and what looks like a copper sink, simply fabulous!


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