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Monday inspiration

Good morning beautiful people!

You know the feeling when you ate too much and can’t find any position that makes you feel less full? Well i have been this way for 3 days! Food, food, and more food was the mantra this weekend! Among them a gazpacho vodka with cauliflower mousse…Yes, great food. And now i need a week to digest all of it!

Ok, back to our inspiration this week, hope you like it


This stone kitchen island…What do you think?


Love how they positioned a big mirror behind the desk and not a small one as one would expect..


Wallpaper and headboard..Great for a guest bedroom or even a boy’s room!


How cute is this shelf?


Just love the color of the cabinets..


Love everything about this room, the wall color, the bedding, the headboard, the blue lamps, the side table, yes everything except that bull !!


And how are you decorations  for xmas going?

Have a lovely week, xo…



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Monday inspiration

Good morning and welcome to a new week! Hope your weekend was as relaxing as can be. Went to a Bob Dylan concert (which by the way was a bit disappointing, his voice was sort of gone!), and spent sunday at Ikea, trying to design our wardrobe! Came back with more catalogues and choices, and got lost in the process! Will have to take more measurements, again…

Well, that was for the weekend, let’s have a look at this week’s inspiration


Glass desk? Yes, why not…Lines are clean and pure. Love!


A big gorgeous mirror can make a room…


Love the colors of this room, specially that stool in front of the night stand!


Stripes and dots, who would have thought!


Aaah leather pants…On my wish list!


Already thinking of xmas decorations…You too?

And that’s it for today! Have a great week, xo…


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Monday inspiration

Another monday, another round of inspiration! Hope you had a great weekend dears…

Fur lined curtains!!! Subtle glam!!

Love all the brass accents in this room, specially that big round tray!

Awesome ceiling and arch..

Now that’s a pretty fabulous mirror!

My pretty new blue and white mugs (had to play with the photo as you know!!)

Love love this painting…Couldn’t find the source though nor the artist..

Have a lovely week, xo



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My weekly musings


-Miss: Now that it’s back to being sunny here in the land of chaos, i miss having my Vespa! I miss the feeling of vacation it gives me! But when i see how people drive here (no law whatsoever), i tell myself, well girl, keep on missing it, better than your kids missing you if you’re run over!

-Wish: That’s what i’m wishing for right now, if we could find a rooftop apartment with a terrace…Wish me luck!

-Like: I like this quote, because it goes against everything that is “proper” in the way i have been brought up (yeah i’m a rebel at heart!). But think about it, who do you hear about more, Josephine Baker, Frida Kahlo, Madonna…or Marie Curie…I can’t find anyone else at the top of my head!, See? Exactly.

-Want: Yep, i want, i adore, i want!

-Love: I love big mirrors. We had a huge mirror in Montreal, we moved it around the house so many times, and it ended up on the kitchen wall, and the room looks twice as big and so much brighter!


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