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Monday inspiration

Good morning everyone! Two weeks till christmas yayyy! Woke up today to find everything covered with snow, lovely!

I hope your weekend was good, did some xmas shopping?

Now let’s see what is inspiring me this week shall we?



What about this little nook? the wallpaper, or is it fabric? The pillows , the moroccan style table…Yep it’s all working for me!



Notice the ladder? Wow!



Love everything about this desk, the lines, the chrome legs…



Can you see yourself lying on this sofa doing just nothing?



Aren’t these cups the cutest?

BAT 1469 DECO RECUP 150 A 157


Have you seen anything like that before?



This is something i always do during the holidays, fill a glass jar with twinkling lights, it’s so festive!

And that’s it for today, hope you have a great week, xo…



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