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Possession 23

I stopped painting 3 years ago, not that i was a great painter (ha!), but it was a phase, i had fun though (i sucked at perspective and loved abstract, because anything seems like art!). This is one  that i like, i copied it from a magazine, and i have it in my foyer (well actually it moves around a lot), and everyone that sees it comes up with a different view!



I’m curious,what do you see?


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On my mind….

Ever since i first spotted theses writings on canvas i’ve been meaning to try my hand on some DIY! Mine would be filled with positive quotes…What about you, if you wanted to try your hand on something like this, what would you write? A song, poem,….?


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I read lately that the things we collect in our homes are a reflection of who we are..Why do we collect things? And what kind of things do we keep around us? Is it just to make our home prettier and trendier or is it because we love to surround ourselves with things that have meaning to us? I believe it’s the latter, i believe that a home is the place where you truly are you, where each object is special, and put together they create the atmosphere each person wants to live in. A home is a collection of memories, and those memories are found in the things you collect..That’s why i decided that each week i am going to post a picture of an object in my home, something that has a meaning to me personally, that shows who i am…

These are two paintings i did 3 years ago (i don’t know how to paint, truly!), it was in a stage in my life where i needed to let out something, and originally they are supposed to be my 2 daughters (they look nothing like that!), i was thinking of them when i drew these paintings…I smile every time i pass in front of them, i smile because it always reminds me that i really don’t know how to draw, but i still do love them!

Do you collect things just for the sake of collecting, or does each item in your home suggest a story, a memory?


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At the moment

Yesterday was a day of protest against SOPA , blackout from Wikipedia to WordPress, other sites, and bloggers alike.  I hope the people with  the power realize how a world without free knowledge and internet can become. I can’t do much from where I am ( a third world country with no congressmen to speak of!) , but I can reach out to you , the American people where the bill is being passed, because it would affect us all around the world…

Let’s move on to the things i’m thinking about at the moment!


-Idea: i found this picture on pinterest (where else!), and i think it’s a great idea for candle lovers. I always have candles on in my house, scented or otherwise, it gives a soft glow and a cozy atmosphere…

-Want: love this painting, the colors. Want it for my bedroom!

-Brass: notice how the brass accents look against this backsplash, gorgeous isn’t it? Wouldn’t mind the stove either!

-Age: aaaah yes, age…well my dears, seems i can’t read anymore without glasses…So now i can’t see far without glasses and i can’t read either without glasses! How do people manage ?? I tried having bifocals, and it’s not funny people, you feel like you’re going to fall!! It’s like living in a haze, can’t see anything clearly lol!

-Soon: i might be leaving soon on a little trip yayyy! A place that i miss dearly, snowy and beautiful Montreal, my second home..



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At the moment..

This is what i’m thinking about at the moment;

-Make: what an original mirror to do for the kitchen! We could use our own old cutlery and make a sunburst mirror out of them!

-Quirky: this painting is so full of humour, notice the eyeglasses and hot pink bra! Such a contrast to the era of the rest of it. Adore it!!

-Peace: i love tea, tea cups, tea pots, the whole thing. I always feel a kind of peace when i have a cup of tea..

-Memories: i made my daughter take ballet classes for 2 years when she was 7, and she hated every single minute of it!! But she looked so cute in her tutu! I don’t think she will ever forgive me for that ha!

-Love: i love this room for many reasons, the colors, the mirrored bedside tables, the curtains, the stool, the peace cushion, the photo above the bed, the chandelier…I think it would be a great room for a teenager, don’t you think?


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Amazing watercolors by the artist Cate Parr…Aren’t they just gorgeous?

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 Obsessed with the colors of this room and this painting! And check out the wallpaper!!



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