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Possession 26



This paper clip has been in my family since i can remember! My dad used to put his bills and important papers, and we knew not to touch it. Then it kind of disappeared the last few years, i don’t remember seeing it anywhere, till this christmas, when i went back home.

i immediately asked my mom if they still use it, and now it’s in my home! It brings back memories of childhood and belonging… I love when things bring you back to a happy place, don’t you think?


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Possession 25

Since we are the 14 th of February and (for us women), it’s all about gifts (yayyyy!), i will share one of the first gifts ever my husband offered me. I never take it off, i sleep with it, shower with it, swim with it…No it’s not my wedding ring….



It’s my watch! It doesn’t show well in the photo, but the numbers are a striking orange, and i love that it’s so different from the other Rolex  watches. It’s a very precious piece to me ..

What is the best gift you ever received from your loved one?

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Possession 24



These wooden games are hand-made, we got them from the South of France 3 years ago, i love their versatility, the craftmanship, and how my husband stayed up night and day trying to figure out the puzzle!

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Possession 23

I stopped painting 3 years ago, not that i was a great painter (ha!), but it was a phase, i had fun though (i sucked at perspective and loved abstract, because anything seems like art!). This is one  that i like, i copied it from a magazine, and i have it in my foyer (well actually it moves around a lot), and everyone that sees it comes up with a different view!



I’m curious,what do you see?

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Possession 22

I can’t help but love and cherish my possession this week! I can’t live without them in this freezing weather; They are practical, warm, fuzzy, non slip.

Did you guess yet?



My winter boots!

When i first came to Canada, everyone was telling me to get good winter boots, specially non-slippery ones. It was as if they were talking about winter tires (that too was new to me, where i come from we have only one kind of tires!).

I couldn’t help but think how ugly these boots are. And i have seen all there is to see. I went around thinking how could they wear these boots?!

But after spending some winters here, specially this one, i don’t care what they look like as long as they keep my feet warm and dry!!

So yes, definitely a cherished possession!

Have a warm day, xo!

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Possession 21

I love old pictures, they are memories of a bygone era…The clothes, the hairdo, everything tells about a certain time in life. Specially old photos of your parents; who doesn’t want to know more about the way they lived, how they dressed?

I have such a photo of my parents that i love and cherish; they were so young and beautiful!



Isn’t my mom beautiful? And notice that the fashion didn’t change that much from their time to ours!

Do you have old photos that mean to you? Do you have them framed or tucked in a box?

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Possession 20

Good morning from snowy Montreal! Welcome to another week of possessions.

Do you own a piece of jewelry that means a lot to you, that you always wear? (not talking about wedding bands here), just something that is close to your heart, and would be devastated if you lost?

I have such a piece, a bracelet, with my four kids names in arabic..


I had it made a few years back, and had the blue stones inserted (for the bad eye!). I rarely take it off, i feel like i have them next to me all the time…

What is your most cherished piece of jewelry?

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