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Possession 19

Hello again to another thursday and another possession post! First of all i want to wish all my american friends a Happy Thanksgiving, hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends, and of course eating yummy food!

When you really think about your possessions, you look around you and look for things that make you happy. Some of these things are my new hangers in the entry


I have three of them and they make me smile every time i see them; elephants because of good luck, red because it’s my husband’s favorite color, and well, i just liked them because of their whimsical shape!

Wishing everyone a great day, xo..



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Possession 18

I love going to flea market, antic stores, and specially finding something that i wasn’t looking for at a great price!


And this is what i found on one of these trips. An old ice bucket on a stand! It’s hammered metal with a grape design on each side of the bucket. We use it a lot when we have people over, very practical when you don’t have place on your dining table, and it feels like you are in a restaurant!

We’ve had it for 3 years now, and never regretted this spontaneous purchase!

What have you found lately at a flea market?


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Possession 13

Many of the things we truly cherish are inherited, whether it’s a book, a plate, a picture..anything really!


This Chanel bag has been passed on from my aunt to my mom then to me. I love it first and foremost because it has been held by such stylish women over the years, and of course because it is so different from all the new Chanel bags i have seen. It’s made out from fabric and leather piping and corners. I wear it with everything, and every time i do, i feel connected somehow to the ladies in my family! Someday one of my daughters will have it (i hope they don’t fight over it!), and it will become a family heirloom!

Do you have a family heirloom that you cherish and what is it?

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Possession 11

Hello my dears, i’m so surprised i have reached already 11 possessions! We take everything we have for granted, but when it comes to actually think about what you’re really attached to, it’s a bit more difficult…Does this mean we are materialistic? I know that if i have to leave in case of fire (which i already did, but that’s another story), my passport is the first thing i grab (then money, jewelry, photos and so on hahaha), because it’s the only thing that identifies me i guess…


Does this mean it’s my most precious possession? What would be the first thing you grab in case of fire?


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Possession 9


This is a little sculpture i found at a sunday market in the south of France, about 3 years ago…I call her little lady, i just love everything about her, the curves, the position, the long braid, the feminity…She is little but with big impact!

Don’t you just love when you find something you are not expecting? That’s what happened when i found her. I was just walking around on a sunday morning when i found this little market, with nothing spectacular actually, and when i was leaving, i hear a “bonjour madame!”, i turn around and find this little man behind a stand filled with sculptures, in all sizes…And there she was, waiting for me!

Do you get excited about great finds too?

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Possession 8


My two wedding rings…Where to begin? My most valuable jewelry, not in cost but in meaning. I would die if any of them would go lost! They are the memories, the joy, the anticipation, the excitement…and the unforgettable look on my husband’s face! He was so stressed, he was sweating!

Do you agree with those feelings or is your ring somewhere at the back of a drawer? I know a lot of people who feel they don’t need to wear their ring, that it is what they feel in their heart that is important…What do you think?


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Possession 7

My board.

Where ever i go, whatever country, i always have a board. This one is in my kitchen in Montreal. My kids each has a board for pictures, little cards, souvenirs…It’s such a lovely way of displaying mementoes and things that inspire you…My other board in Beirut is covered with linen, too bad i don’t have a picture of it!

What kind of board do you have?

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