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Monday inspiration



Good morning everyone, hope you’re all doing great! I’m sitting here on the balcony enjoying the weather (well in this part of the world at least), soon i will be back, all covered up in winter clothes!

Let’s have a look at today’s inspiration, shall we?


What do you think of this wallpaper? gorgeous right? And the burgundy velvet….


Now that door IS something! Brass in all its glory…To die for!


I wish i lived in this bathroom! Just adore every single thing in it, from the rug, the tub, the chair, to the fluffy stool, to the marble table….yummmmmy!


Those windows…


We are always looking for more storage, and this is perfect for our handbags, don’t you think?


Oh lovely coral! I am completely for painting the inside of any shelves, cabinets a different color and striking color, instant impact no?


Burgundy again, but in a moody setting, that brings out the sofa color and the leopard pillows…Kind of reminds me of my grandfather’s library, minus the leopard!

That is it for today luvvies, wish you all a fantastic week, positive vibes, and don’t forget to smile…xo




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Hanging jewelry

Check out these great ideas to store your jewelry and display them at the same time!

Hanging your necklaces, one by one straight on the wall, is a great way of showing them off and easier for you to choose !

Or you can hang your jewelry inside an open frame for more effect, like treasures!

Or you can hang them on funky and colored hangers ..

I store my necklaces like the picture above, how do you store yours?


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Monday inspiration

Welcome back to another monday and a new week! Hope you had a lovely time this weekend..I spent yesterday with my whole family and my parents got their first picture ever with their 6 grandchildren!

Love this picture!!

And onto our weekly inspiration..

Place all your nail polish in a transparent jar for easy access and  a colorful effect..

This room screams vacation to me, the colors are so south of France!

Literally stone backsplash, first time i have ever seen something like this! Practical??

Love this idea for little girls rooms, a seat canopy for their “alone time”!

And for the lucky ones who have a backyard….I wouldn’t move from here!!

Love the typo in this poster, and its perfect for my daughter who is her first year at university!! It’s really the time of your life, enjoy it!


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Baskets: the multi-use container

Baskets have always been the easiest and cheapest way to store our things, specially when the space is small! From plants to toys, laundry, food,books, logs, shoes, clutches…Everything and anything.

Since i can remember my parents had a big white laundry basket in the bathroom, and believe it or not it is still there after some 30+  years! Gotta be some kind of basket!!







Do you store your stuff in baskets, or you have other ways for storage? Would love to share your ideas!



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Laundry room

How many times a week do you go through this?! A lot, right? So why not do it in a cheerful and fresh place? I have a small laundry room that i plan to paint a minty light green….Some inspirational pictures..




So, what do you think? I love how everything is organized and in its place..


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Thursday idea


For those of you who have the space, what do you think of this idea? Saves time on searching for the right shoe no?



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Thursday idea

What a great idea for small spaces, you can even screw two next to each other for more storage ! Or paint it any color you want to go with your interior..What do you think?


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