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Monday inspiration

Good morning! Today is a national holiday here in Quebec, so we are taking it easy, fixing some stuff at home, hanging some frames…I hope you had a nice weekend, mine was filled with a circus show (first time i see the cirque de soleil), and wow was i impressed! Watched the soccer game between italy and england (yes i’m a fan only when italy plays!) and we won yayyy!!

Onto this week’s inspiration shall we?

Love those chairs, the rug, such an exotic feel…

Chinoiserie bedspread, leopard, modern paintings, geometrical rug…so eclectic!

Glossy pink backsplash!

Check out this malachite table, wow!!

Mix and match tablescape, chevron and suzani…What could be better?

And for the neon lovers….

Have a great week! xo…






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Monday inspiration

Good morning Monday! How is everybody? How did you spend your weekend? The weather was a bit chilly here, but ok for a bicycle ride..

Haven’t ridden in maybe 20 years! Felt like a kid again!

Onto this week’s inspiration..

Amazing color, the natural baskets look so good next to the blue!

Interesting sewing machine table, love the floor lamp..

Rug, wishbone chairs, green sofa, the windows…

Check out those floors! And the wall, so dreamy…

This diamond floor…Wow!

Lovely mix of pink and mint, so fresh, so summery!

Hope you enjoyed my roundup, have a lovely week, xo..




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Monday inspiration

How was your weekend peeps? Hope you had a good one…I spent it at the country side with my kids at my parents place, so relaxing and fun!

The garden of my parent’s neighbors! They have a pond, with fish! Beautiful afternoon…

But sadly, the weekend ended off with us packing quickly and leaving before the roads were closed; the situation here in Lebanon is escalating into some inexplicable nightmare, gunfire, shootings, army everywhere…After the peace, it seems there is always a comeback into the dark side…Such a beautiful country, and so much pain…

This isn’t a political blog, i won’t bore you with the politics of the region, so we will move on , dream a little, and get inspired..

Andy Coolquitt lighting, stunning!

Sleeping in a gigantic garden..

Tulips, my favorite flowers after orchids..

The Pantone chair looks totally at home in this kid’s room!

Love the mix and match of tableware..

With all the myriad of colors out there, let’s not forget that white pants are THE pants for summer!

And i will finish up with a little humor to lighten up my mood!

Have a lovely week everyone, xo…



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A touch of gold


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