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Monday inspiration

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good weekend, mine was spent organizing, working, and cleaning! The weather wasn’t great, i think i need vitamin D supplements, haven’t seen the sun in 2 weeks!!

Today is my eldest son’s birthday, he turned 23!!



Happy Birthday my love! I still can’t believe he is so grown up, or rather i can’t believe i’m the mother of a 23 year old!! What does that make me??? (benefits of getting married young, the only benefit i might add!).

I love dark walls, no secret here, The house i’m living in and the house before had dark grey walls, here are two different bathrooms , with a little dark side…



Love everything about this bathroom, except maybe the frills on the shower curtain, but i could move in right away! Adore the wallpaper…



When storage space is not available, try shelving over the toilet, in a dark color. Add you towels, toiletries, some books, and you’re all set!



As usual contrasts attract me. the mix of styles of this table and chairs works perfectly. Adding more classical chairs would have given the room a totally different vibe.

be mine


A teal chesterfield! Beautiful and daring color for such a piece!



I had a thing for purple long time ago(had purple curtains, yes, purple!)..But these walls, there is something different, this color seems so peaceful, relaxing. Don’t you think?



A beach wedding…Love is everywhere….Have a lovely week, xo




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Monday inspiration

Helloo and welcome back! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but life can sure be hectic sometimes! We complain when we have nothing to do, and complain again when we are overwhelmed!

Hope your weekend went well. Mine was all about sleeping late (making up for all those crack of dawn alarms!!)..

Here we go for our inspiration this week



Love the vibe of this room, specially the wallpaper in the moulding, how fab is that! And the fig tree of course, and the chaise…



Yes we have seen this kitchen a lot all around the blogosphere, but never got tired from those floors!



Dark walls for a nursery? What do you think? Would you do it?



Love the chair! And notice how low the art can get on the wall…



The chairs, again! That brick window wall (have i mentioned my obsession with brick walls?), the chandelier, the eclectic mix of styles…



And finally, how cool are those garden stairs!!


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Monday inspiration

Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend wherever you are, mine was sort of chilled, recovering from the flu, it’s taking ages, i don’t know why!

Today’s inspiration is a bit eclectic, with lots of wall paper! Loving wallpaper these days.



First let’s begin with this corner of a kitchen, love the floor, curtains, chandy, the antic clock, and those chairs..



Loving this study/library. The blue and coral are sooo good together! Add the zebra rug and those brass legs and you have a winner!



A chandy that is calling my name…



Doing my laundry today and wishing i was doing it here! (fun wallpaper too)



Lovely wallpaper for a nursery..



Another wallpaper, this time a pink chinoiserie in the bathroom, in love!!

And this is it for today, hope you liked my selection, have a great week, xo….


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Tiny but pretty

I had a powder room in my old house, a tiny little bathroom, with just a sink and a mirror. The whole space was tiled, from ceiling to floor, it was a disaster!

A couple of days ago i spotted this little powder room, but with so much impact!



The wallpaper alone is to die for, and that mirror!! This is a perfect example of revamping a tiny powder room!

Do you have such a room? And what did you do to make it stand out?


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Monday inspiration

And how are you today? Are all your xmas trees up yet? Spent the weekend decorating, i just love christmas, don’t you?

As for our inspiration this week, here they are



Love this room/library..The trunk, the rug, the chair, the dark wood paneling, and the books…Makes of a great room!



Another lovely room, check out the chest of drawers!!



Dots in the bathroom? Why not!!



That’s a great chandelier!



Love love the details in this loft, great architecture!



That’s an amazing mirror and entry table!! Can’t take them off my mind!

And that’s all for today lovely people, hope you enjoyed my selection. Have a great week, xo..


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Monday inspiration

Good morning beautiful people!

You know the feeling when you ate too much and can’t find any position that makes you feel less full? Well i have been this way for 3 days! Food, food, and more food was the mantra this weekend! Among them a gazpacho vodka with cauliflower mousse…Yes, great food. And now i need a week to digest all of it!

Ok, back to our inspiration this week, hope you like it


This stone kitchen island…What do you think?


Love how they positioned a big mirror behind the desk and not a small one as one would expect..


Wallpaper and headboard..Great for a guest bedroom or even a boy’s room!


How cute is this shelf?


Just love the color of the cabinets..


Love everything about this room, the wall color, the bedding, the headboard, the blue lamps, the side table, yes everything except that bull !!


And how are you decorations  for xmas going?

Have a lovely week, xo…


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Monday inspiration

Hello everybody, how was your weekend? Mine was filled with a trip to the market, a cheese and wine dinner, good conversation, and a photo shoot! (will bring you up to date later in the week, promise!)..

As for our inspiration this week, here we go


Open shelving in the kitchen, and wallpaper! What is it about wallpaper that changes a whole room? Have you tried it in the kitchen?


An oldie but a goodie! Love the square shelves, the ottoman fabric…The whole vibe of the room.


A bit of architecture today, check out those windows!!


Again wallpaper, but this time behind the shelves in a dressing room, how chic is that?!


Gorgeous arabesque glass door!


And we finish up with what looks like a yummy apple or pear tarte! This makes me want to enter my kitchen and begin baking! What have you baked lately?


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