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Happy weekend!



This will be happening this week hopefully, did you get yours yet?

Hope everyone will have a great time decorating their tree and their house, and maybe baking some cookies?





Have a lovely weekend, xo…




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I don’t know about you, but this is absolutely awesome!! What an “out of the box” idea!! (i have to admit the wall color helps too!)


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Tree hunting


Don’t we all just love this sight? Hubby, boyfriend, coming home with a fresh tree AND a tiffany bag(ooooooohh)..

Myself i would love getting the bag, but for the tree, i prefer going tree hunting with my hubby..Coming from a mediterranean country, i had never experienced the choosing of real fresh trees. Our tree hunting consisted of going to the toy store, buying an artificial tree that would last us 3 to 4 years and so on..

So when december arrived, and i asked my husband, “so which store do you recommend for buying a tree?”, i got this funny look you reserve to kids when they are slow, “babe, here in canada we dont go to stores, look around you, don’t you think we have enough natural trees?”, mmm, well excuse me!

So off we go to a huge market where they sell off course…natural trees,(mmm).

It was snowing lightly (again off course, to keep up with traditions!), we took our time picking and choosing, then we settled on a very nice tree(forgot the name now), and i was just on the verge of asking hubby; “how are YOU going to carry that into the car?”, when i see my tree going into a sort of cylinder device and wooooop, it goes out the other side all wrapped up in a sort of mesh…Wow! (hubby says i looked like a kid on a discovery trip! well hey, i was!).


The tree gets home safe and sound, we fix it in a sort of stand with screws(don’t ask me what it’s called), we decorate it, put up the lights..lovely!

Until a few days later, when i realize my tree is dying!! The floor was full of needles and it was drying up. Emergency call to hubby and…Crap! I had to water that thing! Aaaaaagh!! It’s a plant honey, he tells me, a live plant, you have to fill the stand with water everyday. Oh yeah?? Well in MY country we don’t water plastic trees!

I saved my poor tree, xmas went by, then new year, and then one morning, looking out the window i see all those trees lying in the snow on the sidewalk..? I ask, and (off course) this is how xmas trees end up, when the season is over and we put away all our decorations, the tree goes down to the street to be later picked up…Bye bye lovely tree, until next year!

So, my dear readers, that was my first tree hunting experience, and i’m looking forward to the next one!


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