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My youngest daughter wants to have a tattoo…I told her she has to wait till she is 18 to decide, hopefully she will change her mind till then. I have nothing against tattoos, it’s an art form, on your body. But the thing is, this body is going to become old, it’s going to sag in all the wrong places, it will crinckle…Imagine that body with a tattoo, or two,or three…Myself, i prefer painting on a canvas, not my body. Whether we like it or not, tattooing our body is a statement. I’m not going to say that i know all the reasons why people get tattoos, because i don’t, but i still prefer making a statement in another way..My daughter told me she can remove it by laser whenever she wants, so…why do it in the first place?

I wanted to get a tattoo once. Not for any reason, just a little tattoo on my wrist, to be different i guess…At the end i didn’t find it reason enough to go through with it!

I would like to know why some people decorate their whole body, what is the reason, is there a reason? Does a tattoo make you feel different? I know why my daughter wants to get one, she wants to be cool, she wants to provoke questions (a teenager, what do you expect?!)..Is it reason enough?




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  1. when i was in high school i wanted to have tattoo as well, some little one…something like kanji but i didnt do it and to be honest i am so happy now that i didnt do it back then. now its seems so unimportant and not interesting at all, like it was some teenage caprice.

  2. Well she could get a tattoo where the ink is injected not too deep in the skin and it lasts around 3-5 years , but i do not know if they do these in lebanon.

    Another thing that is popular abroad are tatoos in white ink, they are not that invasice but are most visible in UV light or on darker skin.

  3. A Tattoo is something very personal, you should think it through. It’s not something you impulsively decide to do as a teenager. I think you should make your daughter wait a little, if she still insists on doing it. Let her chose the design (or design it herself), it has to be something very personal that she never wants to forget, that way she will never regret it or get bored of it!
    A Tattoo it’s a way to express yourself, to mark a stage in your life Not to rebel, be cool or different!
    I have three tattoos, that I designed and everyday I look at them and say “yes this is me, this is why I wake up every day and keep going on”
    Good Luck with your daughter 😀

  4. UncertainMe

    I have several smaller tattoos, most of which are not visible to most or can easily be covered. Not because I’m ashamed of them, but I respect that some people tend to judge you by them. Tattoos to me are an art form. Some of my tattoos are just for my pleasure, they make me feel good about myself. I have a tattoo in fancy script down the topside of my shoulder that reads … this too shall pass … I love to see that every morning in the mirror as I dress. It reminds me that today is another day and I can do it, I can get through it. Tattoos can be both beautiful and distasteful, just the same as some peoples choice in clothing, haha. I believe I will support my child’s decision when it comes to a tattoo, but I’m not sure it’s gonna be easy, because they have to live with it forever, it’s permanent!

  5. Thank you ladies for your input, you are right , it is very personal, and wether people understand or not , it is for our own pleasure only…My dear UncertainMe, you made me smile, because my everyday mantra is “this too shall pass :)….

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