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Thursday idea

Lovely idea for this girl’s bedroom, using wallpapered crates as shelves and storage. The different colors and design of the wallpaper gives it this fresh and joyful look. I guess it can work in boys rooms too with more masculine wallpaper and colors.

Children’s rooms are always a source of great ideas, you can let your imagination run wild!!



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Romance (8)

Pops of pink…and the romance goes on…



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Your opinion

Would you say these words to someone you meet the first time? I mean as an adult?

Because many people loose their openness and spontaneity with age. The more they grow up, the more reserved they become. The more cautious, and untrusting.

Someone once told me that life has a way of stealing your youth, not only physically, but moraly too. That life teaches us lessons, thus making us wary of people we meet for the first time. That as a child, we are open to everything, our mind works on its own, without reservations and control, therefore the lack of caution. That children won’t think that one day their friend is going to disappoint them. Adults do.

But these days we have blogs, twitter, facebook…Aren’t they a way of saying “hey, i like you” ? Is this virtual world a playground for adults, where they can make friendships without reservations?

What do you think? Your opinion dears, is very valued! So come on, let’s see where your thoughts can take us!



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Wednesday mix

From a fabulous ceiling to a shabby chair, to accents around the house, from a terrace to even stamps, hot pink bringsĀ a smile to my face..It’s a happy and oh so feminine color! (notice the Moroccan slippers, one of each thank you!)

At an early age we all get so much exposed to these colors)almost all girly toys are in shades of pink), that they become synonymous with playfulness and pleasure, think Barbie car and box!

Have a lovely Wednesday dears, xo..


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Exercise or storage?


I had to share this, it’s so true!! A few years ago , my brother told me that he got this amazing exercise machine, and that it will save time from going to the gym, you know, dressing, driving…Well later that same year, i traveled to visit him in his house, and there , in one of the rooms was this gigantic monster, taking up the whole place…I say monster, because the monster was dressed from head to toe!! Clothes hanging on it, bathrobe, magazines where a human was supposed to be seated, hats, scarves on each handle!! Exactly like the above sketch!!!

How many of you have purchased an exercise machine that ended up as storage , and how many of you are still on the right track?


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Inspiration: velvet

My grandfather had a room in his house, a study actually, filled with rows and rows of books, decorated in red and black velvet sofas..I can still remember the feel of the fabric underneath my fingers…

Tufted or not, velvet is a rich fabric that can give your home a chic worn look, or a modern edge with striking colors. Luxurious to the touch, it comes in a myriad of different hues, and gives glamour to any room…


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Spring at your fingertips!

One hell of a statement piece don’t you agree?! That’s definitely a conversation attraction! I wish i knew the maker of this ring, but i couldn’t find it (anyone?)..Would you wear such a big piece of jewelry?


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