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Some links to enjoy

Custom wallpaper

DIY lace shorts 

Instant photos 

Gorgeous destination 

Good advice 



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Thursday idea

For the ones who are lucky enough to have a garden or a backyard or a summer place (i have neither *sigh*), this is a great idea for an outdoor table. It looks absolutely fabulous doesn’t it?!


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Wednesday mix


Amalfi coast, Italy






St Tropez






Anywhere in the world..

Amazing summer destinations all around the world…From east to west, the world is your oyster…Where are you spending your vacation this summer?



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Inspiration: lanterns








Now that summer is here, parties, weddings, dinners are on the menu. What better way of lighting up the evening than by using exotic lanterns filled with candles or flowers…Candle light brings charm to any setting, and lanterns take center stage..


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I’m loving all bar carts these days, but this one in particular just keeps me coming back …My parents had something similar they used when they had people over, it would be full with drinks, glasses, cakes..Bar carts always make me think of socializing, people coming over, the clink of glasses, laughter..happy times! These carts disappeared for a while, but now they are back in full force; in copper, iron, wood, stainless, lucite, bamboo…there are different shape and sizes for different tastes and styles. If you are like me and still can’t find one, use whatever surface you have as a bar:

Do you own a bar cart? If you do, which style do you have? Would love to get pictures!


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Style monday

Hello everyone! Hope your week-end was sunny and stress-free and you are back in full force this week! Since it is so hot here in this part of the world, the best way to dress is a flowing long dress that keeps you fresh all day. Here are some dresses that i hope might inspire you. Have a lovely monday dears! xo…





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Sunday quote

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