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Wednesday crushes

Unique prints by Madmanincognito on Etsy. They would look lovely in a bedroom or powder room..

Gorgeous clutches by Nada Sawaya .

Have a lovely wednesday, xo..


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Nicky Haslam Design

This was the first picture that caught my eye, the ceiling, bookshelves,and the chairs…Not your regular dining room, but it sure stops you in your tracks! Some clicks later i learn about Nicky Haslam designs, a british interior design firm. Here are some examples of their fabulous work!

Gold chinoiserie wallpaper, yummm!, And check out the chandelier, it looks like there are only candles, no light bulbs!

Chairs, light fixtures, colors…

A dreamy sleeping nook..

And check out the details on these doors!



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Monday inspiration

Good morning dears, and how was your weekend? We had an amazing weather the last few days, coffee in the sun, family time, lots of laughs and my daughter taking pictures with her new camera the fuji instax, its amazing how you see the picture developing in seconds! The kids, never having seen a Polaroid in their life , were over excited!!

What caught your eye lately? Here are some inspirational pictures for this week.

How cute is that tub! Love the mirror display too..

Not a big fan of leopard, but would definitely go for this chair!

Lucite and brass curtain rods…Need i say more?!

Love the natural feel of this room, and the benches instead of chairs!

Check out these lucite chairs, love!!

Lovely illustration by Carla Cascales from Barcelona.

Have a lovely week, xo


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Sunday quote

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Cupcake lady

We all have seen cupcake stands in weddings, parties, birthdays, but have you ever seen this?

This cupcake lady was going around offering cupcakes from her dress at Michael Buble’s wedding! Now, i have never thought of that before, but that lady sure has to have enormous balance to hold in place all these cupcakes!!

So, what do you think, would you have that at your wedding?

More pictures of Michael Buble’s Vancouver wedding at Wedluxe.


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This and that..

Being away from home for 3 weeks made me want to reshuffle things in the house and play around creating vignettes here and there..Does this happen to you after a trip? You get all excited about being back, and you want to add a breath of freshness to your abode?

Yes i confess, been playing with my phone, again! Magazines i got at the airport and two snapshots showing some new displays chez moi!

Onto other things, teacher’s day is approaching in this part of the world, it’s in the first week of march (can you believe it, march is around the corner already!?), and we are preparing gorgeous gift baskets for all these amazing teachers out there..Here is a little peek, you can see the rest later this week here  on Carilou gift design’s page.

Bamboo boxes

And tea boxes filled with bling, pocket mirrors, candles, lip gloss….

More to come, will keep you posted, xo

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Remember this mirror?

Look what H&M + IKEA can do!

Two H&M belts and one IKEA clock gives you this amazing piece! A blogger created this genius idea and you can find more ideas here .

Don’t you just love when you find tips that are awesome!


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